40 Before 40: First Draft

This is just gonna be a stream-of-consciousness as a way to get started on my “40 Before 40” list… Some of them are vague, and I can guarantee this list will change a lot over the next…12 years. lol! I don’t want them to be too kid-focused, like “teach the kids how to <do something>” because I totally want this to be all about me. It’s my list, darnit! My kids can have their own “10 Before 10” list if they want to. :P I’m also not into death-defying things, like skydiving or bungee-jumping. Mr. T convinced me to add parasailing, but I’m iffy on that one. lol!

  1. Pop out a couple of babies.
  2. Adopt?
  3. Mr. T gets a vasectomy.
  4. I get Lasik.
  5. I get a boob job. (Oh, yes.)
  6. Travel to Europe.
  7. Family trip to Disney World.
  8. Family cross-country road trip.
  9. Foster at least 10 dogs. (NOT all at once, obviously.)
  10. Build my own computer.
  11. Own a 3D printer.
  12. Learn to play an instrument – ukulele?
  13. Have at least 5 hard-core, balls-to-the-wall, day-long (possibly full weekends?), super extravagant spa days. #treatyoself
  14. Read at least 50 books a year, on average. (so 500 books)
  15. Full kitchen/dining room renovation, including new appliances.
  16. Build out the sunroom/deck thing that Mr. T is always talking about.
  17. Own a Jeep Wrangler. (just for you, Mr. T!)
  18. Buy a new car for Sarah. (possibly electric?)
  19. Some sort of ladies’ retreat with a handful of friends.
  20. “Mommy & Me” overnight trips one-on-one with each child (separately), at least once a year.
  21. “Couple’s Retreat” overnight trips without the kids at least once a year.
  22. Sew cool stuff.
  23. Build cool stuff.
  24. Learn to crochet and/or knit.
  25. Do yoga (possibly Pilates?) “consistently” (at least 5 days a week?) for at least a month – ideally get into a routine where it is done regularly for always.
  26. Join a gym/get a personal trainer, for at least…6 consecutive months.
  27. Learn to snowboard.
  28. Go parasailing. (and not die)
  29. Start dying my hair again. (fun stuff, not just natural colors)
  30. Consider dreadlocks.
  31. See a play on Broadway.
  32. Learn how to cook something…complicated.
  33. Host a multi-course meal for family/friends and cook (almost) everything.
  34. Eat at a five-star restaurant. Order something exotic.
  35. Go camping on the beach.
  36. Do some sort of mission/relief work.
  37. Make a “Family Yearbook” every year.
  38. Have “professional” family photos taken every year.
  39. Develop family traditions for things like birthdays, Christmas, NYE, etc.
  40. Celebrate “40 Days of 40” and do all sorts of amazing things the 40 days leading up to my birthday.

What do you think?? What would you add/change/remove? Have you ever made any kind of “bucket list”? I don’t think I’m going to go beyond this and make a “50 Before 50” list… It would just have one thing on it: RETIRE EARLY. lol!

2 thoughts on “40 Before 40: First Draft

  1. First, I’m glad you are still posting after-baby :) I just love the popping out baby comment ’cause then I notice the vasectomy comment. Life takes you through travels you can’t anticipate so be open. If you need a place in Maine when you do travel north, look me up. Invite here :)

    • So true! I originally had a goal of being done having babies before I turned 30, but now that I’m 28 and just had a baby…I’m not sure I’m up for having another one so soon. lol! As a “miracle baby” (aka SURPRISE!) I can definitely understand how life doesn’t always go the way you expect..but I’m *sure* my parents would tell you that it’s totally worth it! ;)

      Thanks for the invite! I’ll be sure to let you know if we ever go that way.

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