30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 2

30 day drawing challengeYou guys…this is going to be a disaster. Just so we’re all clear. I’ve challenged Mr. T to participate, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to force coerce convince him to draw each challenge. I’ve already dated all the pages in my notebook, to try to force myself to stay on-task. I really doubt it will work…

Day 2: Favorite Animal

Yup, already three days behind. WHAT CAN YOU DO? If you know me at all you know that giraffes are my favorite animals ever. It’s recently come to light that one of my older tattoos has gained a bit of internet fame. It’s kind of funny…I mean, I don’t think it’s a bad tattoo, but it is one Mr. T did at the beginning of his apprenticeship and desperately needs a touch-up. Frankly, I’m just glad no one is saying anything negative about it. lol! One woman on Pinterest even has it as a tattoo she would want to get! >.< The only thing that bothers me is that none of them credit a source. If you’re going to post pictures of tattoos, you need to find out who the artist is. Anyway, in honor of Bernard’s sudden rise to fame, I decided to draw his face for this challenge.

30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 2: Favorite Animal | The Wilson Buzz

I like this marginally better than the previous one, but it’s much easier to draw a cartoon than someone’s face. Yay giraffes!

30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 2: Favorite Animal| The Wilson Buzz

Day 1: Yourself

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