30 Before 30: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I’m going to start a Monday series on how I’m actively working toward meeting my 30 Before 30 goals. It will motivate me to post regularly AND achieve my goals. Win-win! ;)

Mr. T and I went to Tamarindo for our honeymoon. I’m too lazy to try to find the hotel we stayed at (if you really want to know, beg ask nicely in the comments and I’ll try to find it) but it was pretty cheap, and a really cool little place. We want to go back for our five-year anniversary (that’s next year!) but this time be a little more touristy about it. We have more money – why not have a more luxurious experience? So I’m perusing Groupon. ;)

As of today there are 8 options for Tamarindo, Costa Rica between August 9 and August 15. (Two of those aren’t really in Tamarindo, liars.) I’m not sure how long this link will be valid, but here you go. If it’s broken, it’s pretty easy to run the search again. Don’t be lazy. Of course, if I don’t want to limit it to Tamarindo a lot more options open up. I don’t do well with a lot of options…

Anyway, we’ll probably book the trip soon-ish. Looking at $1-2k for the hotel. I’ll keep you posted! Need to discuss things with Mr. T, stress out a whole bunch, try to research the available options, stress out a little bit more, panic and choose blindly, then live with regret for awhile. Oh, and ask for the time off.

Side note: When you read this I’ll be camping!!

30 Before 30: Tamarindo, Costa Rica | The Wilson BuzzHere we are on our honeymoon!

2 thoughts on “30 Before 30: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

    • Possibly? I haven’t done anything yet. It’s easier to take time off if you submit your request sooner. It *might* be cheaper to get tickets now – at the very least at least it’s paid for so we don’t have to worry about it anymore. And I have to get a new passport thanks to my name change (you have a year to do it for free after getting married…but I didn’t do that).

      So little of my life is actually planned ahead…I like to occasionally over-prepare, just to throw everyone off. ;)

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