30 Before 30: Part 2

Part 1

This is the one where I realize this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. How do you guys come up with 30?? Did it take time? Please tell me it took time…

  1. Learn how to use WordPress. For real – why can’t I use the “start” attribute on an ordered list, WordPress?! I need this to be #11, not #1 you bastards! This stupid CMS is a fickle b*tch and I would like to just be able to use HTML, please and thank you. So, yeah – either figure out how to use WordPress, or bite the bullet and just make my own blanking blank website.
  2. Celebrity guest blogger. I want Mr. T to start guest spotting – he’s way more entertaining than I am, he’s just lazy and a slow typer. ;) I think I’m going to make his first guest spot be his own “30 Before 30” list. Nice way to ease him into it, eh? Yessss…. I think it will be fun. 8}
  3. Read. I want to keep reading. This year I set a goal to read 100 books. I’ve managed to maintain that – I’m actually a book or two ahead of schedule! I have 25 to go before December 31. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that every year, but maybe at least 50? I wonder how long this lofty goal will last… Let’s see….25 this year, 100 next year, 100 again the next, 50 for the next three? So approx. 375 books? Geeze. Now, I can read the same book multiple times, of course. Just not in the same year. That’s how the Goodreads yearly reading challenge works, anyway. Oh, if you want, you can track my progress on Goodreads.
  4. Tattoos. I’m not sure what exactly I want this to be. Hmm… I want a sleeve. I definitely want all my current tattoos to be finished. *cough, cough – Mr. T – cough* I don’t know that I have anything specific other than that. Just continue getting awesome tattoos for the next five years. 8}
  5. Two-Tone. I want Mr. T’s art gallery to be more awesome. Maybe make enough money to cover the rent/utilities on the building? lol! Also, I want it to be an art gallery/tattoo studio. Yup – I want Mr. T to run his own tattoo studio. I think it will make him happy, and give him the freedom to grow as an artist and…eh, I dunno. How do people come up with these?? My list has started to turn into goals for Mr. T and not me! >.< It’s not like I want to run a marathon or climb Everest. I just want to live life, yo.
  6. Climb Everest. Ahahaha, I kid – I kid. How about something physical, anyway. Liiiiiike…go on a 30 mile bike ride. Because I’ll be 30! Brilliant! Yes, I want to bike for 30 consecutive miles. Gah, that sounds miserable. Especially on my bike. This is some sort of commitment, eh? I’ll have to buy a legit road bike and learn how to ride it. I like my little cruiser, yo. Hmmm…it’ll be interesting to see if this really comes to pass.
  7. Tarnation – I had a good one and I’ve forgotten it now. I guess I should say something about work, shouldn’t I? I’m not sure where my career is going. I have a degree in CS, but what I do now isn’t really related. I mean, kind of. But I’m not programming as much as I did in school. So I’m not sure what that means long-term. The project I’m working on will eventually be finished. My bosses assure me that there will be something else after, but it’s kind of scary to think about. So, I guess I just want to still be employed, make more money than I do now, and have a sense of job security.
  8. Drive Cross-Country. You know, with that camper from the first #8. Huh. I didn’t mean for both of these to be #8…magical! But, yeah…wouldn’t that be cool? Take the camper and go on an adventure? I’d have to save my two weeks of vacation time. Maybe do it between babies? I wonder how difficult it would be to travel across the country with an infant. Hmm… Also, it might take more than two weeks. lol! GOOGLE. Huh. Apparently it only takes a little over a day to get to “California” from our house. Interesting. But that’s going in a straight line, without stopping. I guess if our end goal is to just get to Cali, maybe that would be okay. I mean, not driving for a solid day, but going in a straight-ish line. How does one begin plotting a cross-country trip? I guess, if all else fails, we could drive west for a week, and then drive back. ;)
  9. Have sex every day for a year. I read about this blogger that did it. I kind of tried to do that this past anniversary, but I’m still supa lazy. >.< So. One year in the next five years – sex every day.
  10. NO MORE ROOMMATES. For real, guys. Our current Female Roommate (FR) moved in…in August? Yes, August. I just checked FB. lol! And our current Male Roommate (MR) just moved in today. In twelve months, at the latest, we’ll be roommate free! No going back! NEVER AGAIN! Roommates not only strain your relationship with them (if they were your friend before) – they also strain your marriage. Mr. T and I argue more over roommates than anything else. I look forward to the day when we can only piss each other off and not have to worry about anyone else. 8P

Part 3

I'm 25; Mr. T is 27.

I’m 25; Mr. T is 27. That’s Smithy in the background.

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