30 Before 30: Part 1

I’m only 25. Am I allowed to write a “30 Before 30” post?? I’m not sure. I think most people do it when they turn 29. But then you only have a year to get everything done! I have FIVE. Think of the possibilities! I’m sure this will change – a lot – in the next five years. Or, you know, not at all. Anyway, let’s dive on in!

  1. Have a kid. Preferably two. My goal was to be DONE having kids by the time I was 30. But I don’t want to start for another couple years. Mr. T and I said we’d wait 5 years after getting married. I’ll be 27 on our 5th anniversary, so that gives me 3 years to have 2 kids. That’s…kind of close. And ignoring any complications in getting pregnant. My sister, God bless her, just thought about having a baby and got pregnant. Twice. No, not twins. But twice in her life she said to me “My husband and I are thinking we may start trying to have a baby soon. Not right away, but maybe in the next few months.” And I kid you not, within the next 2 weeks she found out she was pregnant. Mr. T and I can’t even JOKE about me being pregnant without blowing money on a pregnancy test, because we get so freaked out. >.< But I know other people that have struggled for months, or even years, trying to conceive. Or gotten pregnant only to lose the baby. I read several blogs of parents who had special-needs children. On and on – there are a million things that could go wrong. Or go right in an unexpected way. We also want to adopt. I don’t know if that’s going to be child #2, #3, or even #1 or #4…or never going to happen. So a lot of this is up in the air. But I hope to have at least one baby by 30. *whew – that was a long one. Hope I’m not this wordy for the other 29 or we’ll be here all day!
  2. Home remodel. Hopefully by the time I’m 30…let’s see…five years…one major remodel a year?
    • bedroom
    • backyard
    • hardwood floors
    • nursery
    • living room

    I’m not sure if I want to do these in that order, but we have already started on our backyard. And supposedly we’re going to do our bedroom in one fell swoop this Christmas. We’ll have to have a nursery if I want to accomplish #1 up there. I really want to get started on the living room, and have hardwood at least in the downstairs. I want it in the entire house, but Mr. T is putting up a fight. I need to find some sexy rugs to convince him. Big, fluffy ones.

  3. Cooking. I want to cook regularly. I want to have a system, a cookbook, an ability to cook something without needed to reference the recipe for every little step. I don’t want to be a gourmet chef – I just want to be a competent adult. And I want it to be healthy. Not some sort of crazy Paleo/gluten-free/no-carb/whatever the trend is by then. I want to have a dozen or so go-to delicious meals that I can whip up on the fly, along with some awesome desserts and maybe even some fancy drinks.
  4. Exercise. I don’t care to be some sort of uber exercise woman, but I would like to be active. Bike riding, yoga, dog walking…maybe classes at the gym or workout videos? I just want to break this awful super lazy spiral I’ve developed since I started working full time. At least when I was a student I rode my bike to campus and had to get up every hour or so to walk to another class. I am trying to take the stairs several times a day at work, but sometimes I even get lazy there. Like today – I only did it 3 times out of the 8 possible ones we have on our spreadsheets. Yes, we made spreadsheets. >.<
  5. Need a passport. I would like to travel out of the country again. I’ve been to Canada once, in middle school. And Mr. T and I went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon. We’ve talked about going back for our five-year anniversary, since that will be the last one pre-kids (hopefully). This time we’re going to get one of those inclusive resort dealios and class it up a bit. Last time we went cheap because we were poor (oh, that’s a great #6 – be not poor!) and it was cheap, but it was also terrifying. lol!
  6. Be not poor. Hopefully we’ll have Mr. T’s final student loan paid off by the end of 2014, a whole 4 years before I’m 30. What are all of Dave’s baby steps? Ah. I want to be at least on Baby Step #4 (investing) by then, have a sweet savings account, and be out. of. debt. omg I want to be out of debt! And never go into debt again! I talk to people about this and they’re all “Well it’s not really reasonable to think you’ll never need a credit card, or to take out a car loan.” And I’m like “NO!” (In my head. Outwardly I stay noncommittal because I don’t want to argue.) I have drank the Ramsey Kool-Aid and there is no going back! I don’t ever want to have a credit card, or a loan, again. Especially the loans. I never got out of control with my credit card. But Mr. T’s student loans are ruining my life.
  7. Fuel-Efficient. I want a Smart ForTwo, darnit! Or some other fuel-efficient car, I suppose. My commute for work is dreadful. Round trip is nearly 50 miles. I must lessen my carbon footprint! Hopefully sometime between now and then the price of the ForTwos will drop. Currently the cheapest one in the only dealership within 100 miles of me is a 2009 and it’s marked at $12k. >.< I may have to look into cheaper options… Or start saving now! Yeah, not gonna happen.
  8. Own a camper. I want a cute, retro camper. I like the idea of tiny ones, but I want this thing to work even after the 2-3 kids. So it needs to be roomy. I love the idea of customizing one, but let’s get real. Mr. T and I have been trying to paint our half-bath, which is almost the smallest room in the house – including closets – for a couple months now and still haven’t finished. The DIY is not strong in these ones. Mr. T and I have this lofty goal to camp for every anniversary. Year 1 we went to Cedars of Lebanon, Year 2 we went to Henry Horton, Year 3 we….well we meant to pitch a tent in our backyard, but it rained. So we tried to make a blanket fort in our bedroom but that failed. So…we didn’t really camp. >.< But we did go to Bonnaroo!
  9. Crafts. All the crafts! I want to fill my home with DIY things. I’ve already made a few things… The first I did was the crayon art. And then I did my Pride & Prejudice Mod Podge canvas thing. And the spray paint plants thing… Is that all I’ve done? I guess considering I did my first Pinterest craft in July, I’m doing pretty good. I’ve also started gathering supplies for another one – I can’t wait! I have so many ideas…as does anyone who has a Pinterest account. 8} Mmmm… I bet I can get a lot done in the next five years. Especially since I want to do so much home reno. You gotta keep it cheap by DIYing as much as possible!
  10. The Office. Kind of a cop out, but I want to see all of The Office. Start to finish. God bless Netflix, amiright? There are a lot of shows I hope to watch. Actually, my entire instant queue is just TV shows. I really like TV. ‘Murica Yeah, I got lazy for #10, so what? They can’t all be spectacular.

I’m only going to do ten right now, because these are awfully wordy. It will be a miracle if anyone reads even this much. So how often will I check in? Every year? Sure… Hopefully I’ll finish this before too much time has passed. I’ve never been one to start a project and then never finish it.

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I'm 25; Mr. T is 27.

I’m 25; Mr. T is 27.

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  1. We should work on #3 together! I decided I’m going to start cooking at least once a week (because leftovers last so long and I work too late on weekdays). We can share recipes as we make them. :D

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