30 Before 30: P90X3

I’m going to start a Monday series on how I’m actively working toward meeting my 30 Before 30 goals. It will motivate me to post regularly AND achieve my goals. Win-win! ;)

#4 on my list is to complete a workout regime. Mr. T and I started P90X once. We managed a week of it before the 1.5 hour commitment became too much. That brings us to… P90X3!! It’s only 30 minute workouts. AND you can choose different “paths” to take while doing it. There is the classic route, the mass route (to bulk up), and the lean route (to get fit without the bulk). We’re going with the lean route.

I’m gonna be honest with you – we’re not going to follow the diet. SORRY. Just working out 30 minutes a day every day for 90 days will be a miracle. So we won’t get the most amazing results ever…whatever. I’m writing this ahead of time, but our goal is to start Monday, October 13. According to Wolfram Alpha we should be finished by January 11. I really don’t want to miss a day. A few things we’re going to need to do this weekend to prepare (I’ll try to come back and add pictures as they get done):

  1. Transfer the cats from the bonus room to the extra-spare bedroom.
  2. Take before pictures – our flab in all its glory.
  3. Bake a cheesecake and consume it guilt-free because we haven’t started exercising yet.

We want to come up with some sort of reward to motivate us to finish as well. Any suggestions? Mr. T first suggested a camping trip or something…but I don’t think I want to camp in the middle of winter. Maybe we could do two mini-rewards for 30 and 60 days that tie in to a larger reward for 90? Oh! Maybe it could be our trip to Costa Rica! But…we’ll do that regardless. Oh! Maybe things we can take with us, or do there?? But that would be severely delayed gratification, since we’d have to wait seven months to use them. Bah, do you have any ideas??


  • Day 30: ~Nov 12
    I can’t do this on the exact day, because I can’t take any more vacation days this year. >.< But! We want to spend an entire day in bed. Eating in bed, reading in bed, watching Netflix in bed, doing adult-related things in bed. Just generally be lazy bums. Hopefully it’s raining that day, too….that would make it a million times more awesome.
  • Day 60: ~Dec 12
  • Day 90: ~Jan 11
    Mark off #19 on my list by having sex every day for a month!

2 thoughts on “30 Before 30: P90X3

  1. I have, unfortunately, no ideas about rewards but you have inspired me to pursue this shorter version to help Matt and I get into wedding shape! We won’t do the diet either, not more than the low carb thing we’ve been doing anyway.

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