30 Before 30: Office Life

#10: Watch every episode of The Office in chronological order.

Ugh. I have so many feelings.

But I thoroughly enjoyed this show!! I want to immediately turn around and watch it again. Well…I want to turn around and live it. Yeah, yeah – supposedly they’re just normal people at a normal job being all normal and average. Listen. I’ve had a NORMAL job for nearly three years and ain’t nobody going to come in there and film us for a decade like we’re all interesting and stuff.

Also, not nearly as much office romance.

God, how can you not love Jim? I mean…I love Mr. T – no doubt! But Jim’s something special. Mainly because he’s fictional. It’s easy to be perfect when you can script it. Sure, he got weird in the last season, but he fixed it. He’s perfectly adorable. Sigh… What a fun series. Maybe I’ll add it to my 40 Before 40 list, too. ;)

Moving on – do I watch Scrubs or Criminal Minds next?

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7 thoughts on “30 Before 30: Office Life

  1. Scrubs. I’m all about some comedy.

    I have watched The Office all the way through at least 10 times (although it’s often just going in the background, not really intent watching) and it NEVER gets old. It’s so good, and I always cry and all of the same parts. Fiance tried to find the gas station where Jim proposed so he could do it too, but it doesn’t exist. They built it in CA and promptly tore it down, apparently.

    • Aww… I think the building where their office was located actually exists! Should’ve done it there. ;)

      I started Criminal Minds last night, and then realized that may be a mistake, considering I’m home alone… I thought a bit of drama might be a good break. But I doubt I’ll watch it all the way through the same way I did The Office.

      Have you seen Raising Hope?? It’s ah-mazing. I think there are only 3 season, though.

      • Also, yes, it does! But that would have been suspiciously out of the way. Since we were going through PA up toward NY (just as Jim and Pam would have in the show) I think he was hoping he could contrive with my father to stop there nonchalantly and catch me off guard.

      • It’s definitely one of the more bizarre shows I’ve seen, but I loved it. I haven’t seen the last season yet, though…

        And aww… Todd had some elaborate plot for proposing to me as well, and in the end he just did it. Didn’t even have the ring yet – just a receipt for the down payment. lol!

    • Yeah, the last couple seasons the pranks got much more playful and less malicious. More proof that Jim is perfect – there is no way a real human could have put up with Dwight for so long. Of course, I seriously doubt there are any real humans like Dwight, either. Thankfully.

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