30 Before 30: January 2015 Check-in

  1. Have a kid.
    Still working on that one. Except not actually “working on it” if you know what I mean.
  2. Home renovation:
    • bedroom
      50% there!
    • backyard
      -200% there!
    • hardwood floors
      A girl can dream…
    • nursery
      This girl isn’t quite dreaming yet.
    • living room
  3. Have a physical cookbook with at least 20 tried-and-true recipes in it.
    I asked for a cookbook for Christmas! I didn’t get it.
  4. Complete a workout regime.
    This said P90X3, but I’ve given up on that dream. The flavor of the month now is Tai Cheng. I haven’t posted about it yet for two reasons: 1) I don’t want to jinx it; 2) I haven’t started it yet.
  5. Travel outside the United States.
    We were planning on doing this this year… We have to see how Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor is doing before we make any big money decisions right now. :\ Come get tattooed!! Or buy some art!!
  6. Be debt-free (minus a mortgage) and have at least begun the early stages of investing.
    I guess we’ve kind of gone backward on this one. We took out a $2k loan for the tattoo shop. I’m not uncrossing it. Hopefully we’ll get that paid off ASAP. Still no investing.
  7. Have a small fuel-efficient vehicle, preferably a Smart ForTwo.
    Psh. One day.
  8. Own a camper.
    See note for #7.
  9. Have at least…three…homemade decor items in each commonly-used room.
    I haven’t actually counted these…maybe I should do that one day.
  10. Watch every episode of The Office in chronological order.
    Booyeah! Love this show. I’ve seen almost all of Criminal Minds now, too.
  11. Develop my own website and not be 100% dependent on WordPress.
    I really and truly don’t care too much about this one, so I’ve tried pretty much not at all to change my ways.
  12. Have a semi-regular post by Mr. T himself.
    This may never happen.
  13. Read 400 books (between Jan 1, 2013 and Dec 31, 2018).
    I had read 191 by the end of 2014, and have read 5 books so far this year. Goodreads is telling me I’m way ahead of schedule for my designated 50 this year, so *high five*
  14. Have a completed sleeve and all my Mr. T apprentice tattoos gone back into. Oh, and have a GB tattoo.
    I have done none of this.
  15. Have Two-Tone’s books be in the black (make a profit) and Mr. T have his own tattoo shop in back.
    Oh, hey – Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor is a thing now!
  16. Bike 30 miles in one trip. (First: get my bike fixed!)
  17. Still have a job? Develop a solid career goal?
    I haven’t gotten fired yet – go me!
  18. Take a legit road trip (in the camper from #8).
    Well, first we have to get a camper, don’t we?!
  19. Have sex every day for a month (30 days).
    Ahem… *crickets*
  20. No. More. Roommates.
  21. Steampunk photo shoot.
    Ugh, stop reminding me of failed dreams.
  22. Cut out paper towels and use almost all homemade cleaning products.
    This list is totally bumming me out right now.
  23. Own a legit camera, have printed photos hanging on the walls, and start a yearly family photo book.
    Oh, I have a camera! Where is it…
  24. Have a strong core of friends that I can “do life with”.
    I have joined a really cool Facebook group, but I don’t really know any of those ladies “irl”…
  25. Develop at least TWO other options for my hair, besides boring straight and boring ponytail.
    Ooohh… I just posted about this. Kind of. I may try curling it some…
  26. Attend at least…5?…cultural?…events each year. Live music, theater, ballet, festivals… *shrug
    So far we haven’t done anything this year…but it’s only January! We do have tickets to see David Sedaris in February, so there’s that. Hopefully we can afford Bonnaroo this year. :\
  27. Have at least two impressive gallery walls that are almost 100% “local” art (art bought directly from the artist and not purchased as a mass-produced print from a retail store).
    I did kind of tidy up the one we’ve started in the bedroom…
  28. Have one overnight friend gathering every year.
    Huh. I should do this. I have no clue who I could invite to a slumber party. It sounds like a lot of work…
  29. 15 minutes of fame!
    Ugh. I need a drink after seeing how hard I’m failing at this list.
  30. Some sort of vague “continuous improvement” nonsense.

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