30 Before 30: Getting Cultured

I’m going to start a Monday series on how I’m actively working toward meeting my 30 Before 30 goals. It will motivate me to post regularly AND achieve my goals. Win-win! ;)

#26: Attend at least 5 cultural events each year.

I was just thinking about all the fun things we’ve done over the past few months, and realized I should document it somewhere so I don’t forget!! I’m going to consider a “year” to be the 12 months between birthdays, so instead of going January to December I’m going to go July to June. I’m going to skip last year, because I can’t remember it very well off the top of my head. Considering I’ve only been 26 for about 3 months…surely I can get all that documented. ;) Oh, hey – Bonnaroo is in JUNE so I can’t even count it. *womp womp*

Folk ‘N Art Fest

I ran a booth for Two-Tone and I’m totally going to count that, because I want to. There was art! And I had a fancy bagel sandwich thing from a food truck!


Mr. T had a solo show at Two-Tone for his birthday in August. He turned 28, so he had 28 pieces. Most of them were LEGO minifig paintings so he called the show “LEGGODT” in honor of the Latin phrase “LEG GODT” which means “play well” and is how LEGO got its name.

Orlando Nerd Fest

This was the first sort-of convention we’d ever really attended. We rented a car and drove 12 hours to Florida just to see Steam Powered Giraffe and it was so worth it. They’re one of my favorite bands, and put on a great show. One thing we didn’t realize until we made the trip…their fan base is a bit young. Like teenage girl young. Like screaming, costumed, there-with-their-parents young. I’m glad the kids liked a good band, as opposed to behaving like that at a One Direction concert, but…it was a bit awkward to be the two of the only adults in the crowd that weren’t there because their kids brought them. >.<


Almost immediately after Nerd Fest we went to Atlanta for Dragon*Con. It was so much fun!! Trying to do things was really stressful, though, and trying to coordinate with more than two people dramatically increased the stress. lol! We dressed as Ghostbusters and it was a lot of fun, but the proton packs were stupid heavy and mine got smashed almost immediately. Thankfully Mr. T had foreseen such a tragedy and brought the hot glue gun with him, so we were able to do some repairs on the fly. We bought quite a bit of art (that we still need to frame). It was a good trip, and we look forward to next year, where we’ll be a bit more prepared for everything. :)

The (Female) Odd Couple

I saw this play at Towne Centre Theatre. A friend from work volunteers there, so our company’s “donate money to charity” fund (I forget the name of it now, whatever) donated to them (because the theater in turn donates money to charities…it’s a tangled web), so they gave the company some tickets to give to employees. Was that explanation worth it?? ;) Anyway, I won a pair of tickets and Miss C went with me. It was a pretty cute play, if I do say so myself.

Greenway Art Festival

Mr. T and I had another Two-Tone/Todd Wilson booth at another local art festival. Yay art!

Anything Goes

Another Towne Centre Theatre production. I enjoyed this one a bit more than “The Female Odd Couple”. It’s a classic musical, though. Even though I’ve never seen it before, it’s obviously stood the test of time for a reason. The casting was probably better, too. It was a really cute play and I’m glad I went. :)

Evil Dead: The Musical

We saw this play at TPAC and it was glorious. We’d actually seen it about a year ago at a small theater in M’boro and it was great then, but a legit production made it 1000x better. I definitely recommend seeing this any chance you get!! It’s not scary or gory or anything, but it’s definitely an adult production. But so, so good. So good.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

We’re going this Friday to see RHPC at Center for the Arts in Murfreesboro. I’m pretty excited. I would like to dress up, but…we’ll see. :)

An Evening with David Sedaris

We’re “sustaining members” for NPR, so twice a year when they do their fundraising week we get to choose from a list of perks. In the Spring I got a best-of CD set of Prairie Home Companion CDs because I <3 Garrison Keillor. But this go around an option was getting to see David Sedaris at TPAC!! I’m super stoked. It’s not until February but whatever. SUPER STOKED.


90% sure we’ll be going to Bonnaroo next year, so I’m gonna go ahead and include it.

How many was that? Anyone keeping count?? I think we’re doing pretty darn awesome at culture-fying ourselves. ;)

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    • They’ve been on the air for decades…I’m sure they have lots of swag and CDs. But I’m still imagining a fairly small store, lol!

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