30 Before 30 Check-In, July 2014

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I turned 26 on the 21st. Eep! Here is where I stand on my 30 Before 30 list:

  1. Have a kid.
    Nope, still no kids. My sister has three kids (12, 3, and 1). My brother just had a kid (born July 11). Two of my friends from college had kids this past weekend. Seems like everyone I know is either about to give birth or just gave birth. And Mr. T and I are over here with a whole bunch of NOPE all over that idea. Maybe next year.
  2. Home remodel.
    The last time I wrote about this, I said as long as we had our bedroom finished by July we’d still be on track. Ha! No, the bedroom is NOT finished. Maybe one day? My original remodel goal was: bedroom, backyard, hardwood floor, nursery, and living room. Well, we do have grass in the backyard now. So there’s that. Our bedroom is under construction. We’ve priced some flooring guys and looked at options…still saving up money for that one, though. I have a few nursery ideas, but since we aren’t even talking about having kids yet I’m not gonna rush into that until we finish the bedroom. And I don’t want to do anything in the living room until after we get hardwood floors. That’ll probably be the last thing on this list to get tackled.
  3. Cooking.
    Bleh. I’m still not good at cooking consistently. I try! I’ll do better. We had roast two nights this week, and BBQ another night! We’re going to have stir fry soon! I’m trying!!!
  4. Exercise.
    Well I did buy a pilates video. It was hard. We bought P90X from someone. It was hard and INCREDIBLY TIME CONSUMING. Still looking for a good workout Mr. T and I can both do and stick with it. Maybe one day…
  5. Need a passport.
    Maybe next year.
  6. Be not poor.
    We’re under $5k on Mr. T’s last student loan! It should be paid off by the end of the year. And then we’re going to pay Mama N back super fast, hopefully before next summer. Weee!
  7. Fuel-Efficient. 
    Still driving the Versa. Mr. T has a client that does small engine repair, and he’s fixing up our scooters. These don’t have a lot of oomph to them, but after driving them around for a bit and getting comfortable, we may upgrade to higher-powered ones. Then I can risk my life every day on my commute, riding a scooter! That will save us a ton on gas money!
  8. Own a camper. 
    Mr. T and I are in a hot debate over which kind of camper we’ll be purchasing. I want an old-school pull-behind, like the Airstream Sport, while he wants a full-on RV. First off – Holy Moses the price on that thing! We’ll definitely be buying used no matter what. But these things get pricey, and an RV is going to be even more expensive than just a trailer. Plus there’s more to worry about as far as things breaking down goes. That’s an entirely other vehicle to worry about! With a pull-behind, we can rent vehicles to pull it.
  9. Crafts.
    Bah. I need to do moooooore!
  10. The Office
    I finished Malcolm in the Middle! But I did not start The Office…. I really should. We’re currently watching Orange is the New BlackCommunity, and I heard that the second season of Hemlock Grove was released…
  11. Learn how to use WordPress.
    Meh. I can do what I need to do. I’m gonna say “good freaking enough” because I want to check something off this list!
  12. Celebrity guest blogger.
    Considering I can’t consistently write here, I’m not sure how I can criticize Mr. T for not doing it, either.
  13. Read.
    I read 96 books last year. I’m several books ahead of schedule this year. Currently I’ve read 154 /375 for my five-year goal. 221 to go! I totally got this.
  14. Tattoos.
    My garter is updated! We got it finished before this summer, so huzzah! Still need to go back into the giraffe before starting on my sleeve. Mr. T wants to add some elaborate border around it, but I’m not sure I’m up for that. I may just have him do his best with touching-up and not adding-more…
  15. Two-Tone.
    Still working on improving the gallery.
  16. Climb Everest Bike 30 miles.
    Funny story… I destroyed myself and my bike! Kind of icky picture of my knee. So my bike needs to be fixed before I can even pretend to bike 30 miles.
  17. Something vaguely work-related.
    I requested to be able to work from home one day a week and that request was denied. Not by my bosses, but by even higher-ups. They did give me a sweet raise as compensation, though. Other than that it’s been a lot of the same-old same-old. Oh, I have started to visit the business units, so that’s cool. I’ve been to Indiana, Nebraska (go to ride the company plane!), and am going to Texas next week. #jetsetter
  18. Drive cross-country.
    Mr. T has done this. He drove his former manager’s car from Nashville to Portland, OR this past winter. It wasn’t a sight-seeing trip, though. They were just moving. And I didn’t get to go! So it doesn’t count.
  19. Have sex every day for a year.
    Ugh. I can’t even have sex every day for a WEEK!
    FR is gone! And MR should be gone by the end of September. Or the start of September. Pretty sure it’s the end. Another of my friends may be moving in (for no more than a month) if he can’t find a new place by the time his lease runs out. He’s looking for a cheap one-bedroom in a part of town that won’t be at a high risk for murder.
  21. Steampunk photo shoot.
  22. Go green-er.
    I actually have a shopping list of some DIY AIM things I want to make…a drain unclogger, dish detergent tablets, dry carpet cleaner, and garbage disposal refreshers. Woo…
  23. Pictures.
    Mr. T actually bought me a camera for my birthday! Now I just need to use it.
  24. Friends. 
    All my friends keep moving away! One couple has moved to Colorado, one girl moved to Florida, one guy moved to Seattle, and another is about to move to California. Another friend is applying for a job in Colorado. Harumph. I am making work friends, but we’re at that place where we talk at work but don’t hang out anywhere else. Ah, well.
  25. Hair.
    I got really excited yesterday because I realized my hair is finally at a point where I can get it all up in a ponytail. Then I remembered that the students at Paul Mitchell hadn’t actually cut my mohawk in a straight line, so we’re trying to fill in some spots (one side at a time). It’s taken me 3 years to get my hair this long…3 more for each side?? Kill me now.
  26. Music. 
    We went back to Bonnaroo! And that’s about it, music-wise.
  27. Art. 
    I’ve painted a couple of things! A seriously wonky picture of Vigo, and a tree. lol! Mr. T is about to have a solo show at the gallery, so that’s exciting. But we really haven’t purchased any more art for our house recently. Hmm…
  28. Crazy hi-jinks.
    Well this happened.
  29. 15 minutes of fame. 
    I did have this one tweet
  30. Become the true me. 
    I’m getting there, I think. Just working on being happy with myself every day. Yay, meeee….

2 thoughts on “30 Before 30 Check-In, July 2014

  1. I remember you talking about possibly working at home and wondered if you’d asked yet. Glad something good came of it. You’ve also inspired me to check in with my list cuz I’m pretty sure I can check some stuff off now!

    • Yeah, I’m in the process of converting mine into something that’s a bit more check-off-able. This one isn’t so great for that. I like to check things off of lists!!

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