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I turn 29 on Friday. That means I’ve got less than 400 days to finish my list!

1. Have a kid.

We successfully gave birth to Wade, aka LBW, in April 2016. Huzzah!

2. Complete several home renovation projects.

  1. reading nook
    • We went so far as to get the walls painted, but then life happened and since it is technically a closet, a bunch of junk got throw into it and we’re back at Square 1. Well, maybe Square 1.5, since the walls are still painted (but have been dinged up, sadly).
  2. replace floors
    • This one is so close to being done!! We only have one little patch of carpet – the stairs and the landing. Maybe 2018 will be our year. Maybe even 2017!
  3. nursery
    • Honestly…I’m going to call this one done. Wade’s been sleeping in there for over a year, for crying out loud! Yes, there are some art projects I want to do, and we haven’t hung anything up on the walls, and the paint needs to be touched up, and… Well, anyway. It’s done enough. Nothing in life is ever perfect or complete.
  4. bedroom
    • There are only a few things I’d like to finish out in the bedroom. And it really shouldn’t be that hard to do them. SO WHY HAVEN’T WE?! Maybe because it’s a total garbage pile right now and forever.
  5. living room
    • Other than getting some art hung up behind the couch, I’d say the living room is in pretty decent shape, all things considered.

3. Organize a cookbook with 20 recipes.

Okay. Do y’all have any cookbook recommendations? What should I do? Should I get a binder and type/print them as I go along? Should I try to do it all digitally? Should I write them by hand in some kind of journal-type device?? I just need to do something so I can mark this off!

4. Start to work out regularly.

I started trying to do this “30 Days of Exercise” thing and proceeded to get shingles, pass out and end up in the ER, then get a nasty sinus/ear infection. No, none of thse can directly be attributed to exercise, but still.

5. Travel outside the US.

Wait. I think I have an idea. And this idea could check off multiple items on my list! Specifically numbers 5, 8, 14, and 18. See #14 for more details.

6. Be debt free and start investing.

I cross, then uncross, this one repeatedly. I wrecked my car so we have a car payment. And we had medical bills. But! I think we’ve got all the medical bills paid off, and now that I’ve lost my job (with a severance, thankfully!) I’ll be able to use that extra income to pay down on my car. We might just get it paid off by my 30th birthday! AND, since my 401(k) won’t transfer, our financial adviser is going to help us move that into some sort of investment something. idk

7. Buy a new car.

I love my Insight. I wish I didn’t have a car payment, but I still love my Insight!

8. Buy a camper.

Of course, if we do this we’ll just be in debt again I’m sure. This seemed so plausible 4 years ago…but now I’m thinking it’s not gonna happen. *womp, womp*

9. Create our own home decor.

This one was always vague and weird, so I finally just crossed it off because we’re too cheap to pay people to do stuff and have a billion half-finished DIY projects around the house. Both art/decorative pieces and more building/construction dealios. So, yeah. We’ve created stuff. Or at least started creating stuff and left it lying about gathering dust.

10. Watch all of The Office on Netflix.

This was a weird one, but whatever. I was 25 and had weird goals. I love the show, don’t get me wrong. It’s just kind of a random thing to have on a “30 Before 30” list, in my opinion. I did do it, and I did enjoy it. I might just watch it all again before I turn 30!

11. Develop custom websites.

Mom & Dad’s website got jacked up from hackers or something, so I trashed the WordPress site and made them a super basic and ugly one using Bootstrap. But that’s good enough. I’m marking this one off the list!

12. Learn to sew.

I’m so close to this one!! Mr. T needs to seal the desk, then I can pull out the sewing machine he bought me like TWO YEARS AGO and I can finally sew Wade a baby blanket!

13. Read 400 books.

This was to read 400 books between January 2013 and December 2018.

  • 2013: 85
  • 2014: 95
  • 2015: 52
  • 2016: 12
  • 2017: 89 (and still counting!)

So all-told I’ve read 333. Only 67 to go!

14. Get a full sleeve tattoo.

Okay, so. I want to travel to Montreal and get tattooed by Yann Black. I’ve known about him for years now and always wanted to get one of his tattoos. I emailed him and he responded. He told me that he’s already booked for this year, but I could email him back in October to schedule an appointment for next year. >.> lol! But I’m totally going to! It will most likely be after my 30th birthday, though. We’ve got Camp Throwback in June, then the family camping trip in July…maybe we can go in August for our anniversary? My thought is, we can drive there in an RV so that covers the cross-country road trip (kind of), owning an RV (we may rent), going into another country (it counts!), and getting a full sleeve tattoo!

15. Open Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor and secure a nest egg.

They actually just moved locations! Now Two-Tone is directly on The Square, which is just peachy keen if you ask me. He’s working on Apprentice #3 and I’m just stupid proud of Mr. T. Of course, with all the moving (and having of the baby) and just…life in general, he’s never been able to build up the nest egg he wanted. He got really really close once, though!

16. Bike 30 miles.

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to do this all in one go, or just bike 30 miles in one year, or one month, or what. What do you think?

17. Find a new job.

I’ll be a web developer for MTSU next week!!

18. Go on a family road trip.

If all the stars magically align, we could possibly road trip up to Canada for my tattoo. But that’s a lot of stars that need to align. Also…should we take Wade? I’m not sure.

19. Have sex every day for a month.

We didn’t quite make it every day for a month, but I did manage to get knocked up, so I called it a win and crossed it off.

20. Ditch the roommates.

The only roommate we have is Wade and he’s not paying rent. The jerk.

21. Hang family photos in the living room.

I need to hang some photos up above our couch in the living room.

22. Go (more) green.

My goal with this is to cut out disposable stuff in the kitchen – napkins, paper towels, disposable plates/cups/flatware when guests come over, etc. I haven’t really done anything with it yet. Oops.

23. Make a family photo album every year.

I made one last year! I’m a bit behind this year, but it’s almost done!! I finished Wade’s baby book, too, and it’s adorable.

24. Grow hair out to shoulder-length.

I mean…it’s getting there! Surely I can get to my shoulders by the big three-oh.

25.  Experience at least one cultural event every year.

We did Bonnaroo three years in a row, then went to Pilgrimage Fest last year. I don’t know that we’ve done anything yet this year… I looked up shows at TPAC and Ascend Amphitheater but we never made any decisions on anything. Hmm…

26. Gallery wall in the stairwell.

First we need to get the stairwell and trim painted. Then we need to rip up the carpet and do something with the floors. Then we can hang something on the wall going up the stairs. No clue what…

27. Go on a date night to a nice restaurant.

We went to High Point as our first date post-baby and it was delicious.

28. Make something challenging.

I’m still trying to decide what I should do. What should I do? I want to BUILD something. Get my hands dirty. Break a sweat. Use a tool of some kind. lolol

29. Write a 40 Before 40 list.

I did this!

30. Have a BANGIN 30th birthday party.

This is a pretty significant birthday, y’all. I survived another decade! What should I do?

2 thoughts on “30 Before 30 – 29 Looms

  1. Wow! You’ve crossed off a lot of things on your list! And you still have a lot of time to cross off several more. Way. To. Go.

    Re: #3 I like using a binder with clear plastic sleeves to hold the recipes. I do this and so does my daughter. When you want to use a recipe you can take it out of the binder and clip it where you can see it while you cook. You can print a recipe you’ve found online and made (and liked, of course); if you made any changes, or thought of any changes you might try afterward, you can write them on the page. If someone gives you a recipe you like, or if you type or write out a favorite recipe, you can slip it into a sleeve. If the recipe is short you can tape or glue it onto a sheet of paper and add other short recipes to the page as you find them. With a binder, you can add recipes into whatever category you want, such as salads, soups, desserts, main dishes, side dishes, beverages, breads, etc.

    Re: #16 If you have gears to make it easier to bike, 30 miles in a month would be a good goal. My bike has no gears, so I have to pump to keep going, no coasting, and I can do a mile in 10 minutes. I’m still working on my goal of riding for 2 miles, relaxing for an hour at a park, and then riding the 2 miles back home. That would give me 4 miles in a day. Doing this twice a week would put me over 30 miles in a month. So I would think that you, being much younger and much more fit than I am, could accomplish your goal fairly easily once you get started. Getting started is always a bitch, though. Believe me, I know.

    • I know! I’m pretty proud of myself. But please ignore how many changes this list has gone through since I first typed it when I was 25… lol!

      The binder is a really good idea! And it’s an excuse to buy office supplies. I loooove office supplies… It was probably my favorite part of school. No, I’m not normal.

      My bike has 3 gears, but the 1st and 3rd are impossible to pedal – they’re too extreme. Back in the day we would bike to the Mexican restaurant then watch a movie. They’re about 2 miles from our house. But we haven’t done that in years, and I’ve had a baby. So now we have a baby and I’m not in as good shape. I’m hoping to start weekly family bike rides around the neighborhood. Fingers crossed! I’m not sure I’d be able to go without Mr. T – his bike’s the one set up to pull LBW’s wagon-type thing.

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