30 Before 30: 27 Approacheth

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As my 27th birthday looms, it’s time to re-evaluate my 30 Before 30 list. Only three years to complete all of this?!

1. Have a Kid

I don’t want to talk about it. KIDS ARE TERRIFYING.

2. Home Renovation

Could you spread the word about my blog? How many readers do you have to have before companies start sending you free stuff? So many blogs I read are all “While this post isn’t ‘sponsored’, Lowe’s generously sent us the majority of what we needed to build this bad boy… and we’re suuuuper grateful!” (that’s a direct quote, fyi) and no one has ever offered me anything for free, sponsored post or not. I occasionally get stuff from BzzAgent, but that’s not the same. This woman was donated a metric butt-ton of lumber to build her kids a playground.

Anyway – things I want to work on (and yes, I keep changing them):

  1. reading nook
  2. hardwood floors
  3. nursery
  4. bedroom
  5. living room

3. Cookbook with 20 Recipes

I actually just found a really cool list of recipes on imgur that I think I’m going to try in a new blog series. But I still need to buy a cook book to record recipes in… I have a few that I want to write down!

4. Work Out Regularly

I’ve started walking/jogging on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a coworker. And I’ve started a YouTube series called 30 Days of Yoga. Still looking for some kind of workout that is more intense but not tedious or boring (or too hard and makes me give up).

5. Travel Outside the US

Okay, this was the year that was supposed to happen. And we aren’t going to Costa Rica for our anniversary. :( Money’s too tight with the whole “opening a tattoo shop” thing that happened earlier this year. But Two-Tone is rockin, so that’s awesome. I just don’t know that we’ll be taking any international trips in the next 3 years.

6. Be Debt Free & Start Investing

Well we’re debt free! And we have met with a financial adviser a handful of times, so we might start investing soon!

7. New Car

Okay, so I kind of lied in #6, ’cause we do owe Mama N about $4500 for my Versa. She lent us the money when my PT Cruiser went kaput. But it’s not garnering interest, so it doesn’t count. We’re going to start paying her back again soon – we had to pause that when Two-Tone opened and Mr. T stopped bringing in an income.

7. Scooter

I’m changing #7. I want a scooter, darnit.

8. Own a Camper

Other than Mr. T and I having disagreements on what kind of camper we want (I want a pull-behind, he wants a full-on RV), the only reason we haven’t done this is $$. Oh, and storage. Neither of us wants a pop-up. But I don’t know if we could fit a legit camper in our garage.

9. DIY Home Decor

I’m really bad at making bucket lists, I think. These are all so vague. I tried to make this one more specific by saying have at least three DIY decor items in each (commonly used) room. If paintings count we’re so done on this. lol! We have paintings everywhere.

10. Watch The Office

I did this! I’ve also watched all of Scrubs. And Friends. I’m good at binging on Netflix, but not much else, apparently.

11. Develop Software

I’m changing this one. Initially I wanted to develop my own website for this blog, but at this point that’s just silly. WordPress works fine. So now I’m going to say I want to develop software for Two-Tone. Mr. T has been asking for a client-tracking program for ages, so I should do that for him.

12. Get Mr. T to Blog

I need to change this one, too. He’s never going to write in here. *womp womp* Any suggestions?

13. Read 400 Books

By the end of 2014 I’d read 191. So far this year I’ve read 39. That’s 230. I need to read 170 books by the end of 2018.

14. Tattoos

  • completed sleeve
  • updated apprentice tattoos
    1. giraffe
    2. steampunk
    3. garter
  • Ghostbusters tattoo

15. Open Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor / Secure Nest Egg

I tweaked this one a little bit. We opened Two-Tone in February, and Mr. T has a goal of raising a certain amount of money into a nest egg for the company before he starts taking any income. He’s a little over halfway there!

16. Fix Bike / Bike 30 Miles

My bike is fixed! Now I just need to map out my route and start training. :)

17. Advance My Career

Okay, so I actually tried to quit my job and start a new one. But, umm…disaster struck. The company that supposedly was hiring me is shutting down, I think. Either way, I’m still at my current job. But! This whole experience has caused what I hope will be improvements at my current work. I’m theoretically going to transition into being more than just a web developer. Fingers crossed!

18. Road Trip

First we buy the camper, then we go on a road trip. I’m so excited about this!!

19. Sex

Alright. tmi? This is the month. I’m gonna do it. Every day in July that we’re able, we’re gonna get it on like Marvin Gaye.

20. Ditch the Roommates

Okay, so we’ve regressed. We have a roommate again. Oops.

21. Hang Wedding Photos

This used to be shooting a steampunk photo shoot, but I’ve given up on that dream. Banana and I started on the outfit…but I’m pretty sure the measurements she took are no longer accurate. And we really need to frame/hang wedding photos.

22. Go Green

I want to cut out paper towels, and make my own cleaning supplies.

23. Yearly Photo Album

I’m going to start this this year, on our anniversary.

24. Learn Hairstyles

I need to learn how to braid my hair. And maybe how to floof it up into an awesome messy mohawk.

25. Get Cultured

Attend at least one major art/music thing every year. The past three years we’ve gone to Bonnaroo. We’ll see what happens in the coming years.

26. Gallery Walls

We’ve done a pretty decent job of filling our living room and bedroom with art. I’d like for it to be a bit more purposeful. And, you know, framed… I also want to do a string art/gallery wall going up the stairs that has a bunch of family photos.

27. Fancy Feast

No, not cat food. I want to go somewhere reaaaaaaally nice and have an expensive, delicious dinner. Maybe one of those places that cooks the really weird food, like they cook on the reality shows (the cooking ones, not Fear Factor). Especially one where the chef is all “This is what I’m cooking – eat it!” so I don’t have to make any decisions.

28. 29.

Help me come up with three more things to do. I didn’t like the last three on my list. Too vague. Oh, and I need to change #12, too. Halp me.

30. Have a Bangin’ 30th Birthday Party

Aw yiss.

4 thoughts on “30 Before 30: 27 Approacheth

  1. The key to having a fancy feast is indulgent parents! My dad loves going out to eat and since I’m the most adventurous eater among his kids, we semi-regularly try super ritzy places. Three more goals… how about attend comic-con? Or visit a nude beach? Or Visit your friend Cynthia in Memphis? ;)

    For more serious ideas, I like making skill based goals like “learn to make jewelry” or “sell something I made.”

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