30 Before 30: #14


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I started really looking at my Tattoo Inspiration board and made some notes about what I really want out of my sleeve. Mr. T was supposed to start on it, maybe get a half sleeve in place, during the next tattoo convention here in town. But now they guy who always runs the conventions is moving to New York, so there may not be a convention here this coming year. Anyway, I still need to talk to my boss about it and plan it out.

If you check out that board (I really recommend it), you’ll notice a theme. I love that style of tattoo. The watercolor/sketch/doodle style. I’m not sure what to call it. I like the messy, no outline, paint splatter look. I also want it to be Steampunk – everything is mechanical and made out of gears and bits and baubles. Of course I have to have a giraffe in there! And I noticed that I had pinned a lot of bird tattoos. I’m not sure if it’s because bird tattoos are super popular or if subconsciously I really like birds, but I figured throwing some birds in there wouldn’t hurt. ;)

The first thing I thought about adding to the sleeve way back when was an Edison bulb filled with fireflies. That will be the sun up in the sky, near my shoulder. I want this to be different than usual Steampunk, that’s all metallic and brown and dark…I want it to be super bright. All the creatures be cool colors – greens, blues, and purples – and the background/sky be reds, oranges, and yellows.

Mr. T is a bit worried about it, because it’s not a style he’s ever done before. He’s worried it will end up just looking like a bad tattoo. I would prefer he not doubt himself while working on such an always-visible tattoo of mine. Especially since it will be my most visible tattoo. lol! I’ve suggested he offer to do tattoos of a similar style on people for a discount. Kind of like when he was apprenticing. I may let him do a smaller tattoo somewhere on me less visible and easier to cover up.

I’m so excited!! 8}

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  1. Mr. T will do just fine with any style tattoo, I am convinced. Tell him to not be a scaredy cat. :P I do think it may help to do small bits of it at a time, so he can step back and see if it’s going the way you both want it to. And I never even imagined that watercolor style, but it looks amazing on these people. I do want to add colors to my future body piece…. lol
    I’ll volunteer for a small watercolor piece on my lower (my) left back, as long as we can incorporate death and destruction and macabre themes into it. Just with SUPER bright colors, too. :D And fix my logo….. Oooooo! Ideas! Sending him things now….. ;)
    (So many smilies, I’m so excited!)

    • 8} I’m really excited about this one. But I definitely want him to be 100% confident in himself. When he goes into a tattoo feeling insecure or just not into it, he doesn’t do as good of a job as when he is super pumped and feeling confident. I must begin building up his self-esteem…for my own selfish gains… ;)

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