2017: Organization

I have declared a theme for 2017. One word to sum up my main goal for the entire year. Every aspect of my life. What I most want to accomplish throughout the course of the year.


I’m going to get organized, darnit – even if it kills me!! I’m breaking it down in great and specific detail, too. First I started by breaking the year and our house down into sections, creating a broad schedule:

  1. January
    • Sarah’s Closet
    • Master Bathroom
  2. February
  3. March
    • Master Bedroom
  4. April
    • LBW’s Room
  5. May
    • Back Yard
  6. June
    • Front Yard
  7. July
  8. August
    • Living Room
  9. September
    • Downstairs Hallway, Half-Bath, and Laundry Room
  10. October
    • Entrance, Stairwell, and Upstairs Landing
  11. November
    • Kitchen
  12. December
    • Play Room (formerly the guest bedroom)

Beyond this broad overview, I’ve broken it down into weekly tasks, and then I’ve broken it down even further using a planner I found online so I have day-by-day goals!! I’ve made it all the way through April with my daily goals, and I’m starting to get SUPER PUMPED about the upcoming year. I’m really counting on the three of you that read this blog to hold me accountable.

In future posts I’ll share my weekly breakdowns (I really don’t think you’ll care to get the daily ones, lol) and I’d love to get your feedback and suggestions!!

There are a few projects I’ll rope Mr. T into while I do this, but it’s mainly me doing stuff. His goal for the entire year are to organize two rooms: the garage and the bonus room. These are his “man caves” – one for construction and tools, and the other for arts and crafts.

I’m so excited, you guys. So excited!! 2017 is barely more than two weeks away, can you believe it?!

4 thoughts on “2017: Organization

  1. You got this! The way I always organize is take everything out and put it in the middle of the room and make a big mess. This way I have to clean and organize it. Also music always help me focus on cleaning and getting into to. 😊

    • Yeah, that’s my plan for pretty much every room. Clear it out, and go through EVERYTHING. My only fear is getting burnt out and ending up with an even bigger mess than I started with. lol!

  2. Your choice of the word “organization ” is much better than my last year word of flexibility. That got me into deep trouble X 2! Good for you to organize and have that in the forefront as you enter 2017.

    • lol! Oh, no!! Hopefully we don’t look back on 2017 the same way we’re looking back on 2016. Having a baby was definitely awesome…but not much else good has happened the past 12 months.

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