2017 January Cure: Assignment 8

Media Fast

Give a media fast a try. It’s simple in concept but can be tough in the execution. This evening (or whenever your main block of “home time” is) take a break from television, computer, tablet and cell or smart phone.

Part of the takeaway of doing the Cure is having the experience of spending time in our homes in different ways, which helps us to find new ways to enjoy it. This media fast will shake up the routine a bit and give you a rare break from the energy of the outside world finding its way into your private space.

Ever since LBW came along, I kind of do this, anyway. I don’t want him to be glued to the TV at an early age – there will be plenty of time for that as he gets older! ;) I do play Pandora on our Chromecast, though, and still did that. I started a Vitamin String Quartet station and I love it. It’s mostly instrumental covers of pop songs, but a few hymns have crept in somehow and EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER has done a cover of “Hallelujah” and “Canon in D“.

So, yeah – the only thing I really had to change was to not watch Netflix or Hulu – or play LEGO Harry Potter – after he went to bed. I left the music on, and I scrubbed out our shower, then read a book. I’ve got to be honest with you, though…I still got on my phone. >.< But not until like 9:30 when I probably should’ve gone to bed anyway and I say “go big or go home” on making bad life choices.

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