2017 January Cure: Assignment 6

Mini-Meditation / Choose a Project

Find a spot in your home that you rarely sit in that gives you a view on a room or area that you feel is especially problematic.

  1. Look around the room and try to imagine what it would look like empty.
  2. Focus on whatever part of the room that you feel is the most problematic and imagine removing the “stuff” from that area. Start rebuilding that area, adding back in only what feels right and looks good in your minds eye.
  3. Make note of what changes you envision and move forward with some additional clarity about how you truly want your home to be.

Now that you spent a little time meditatively musing about your vision for what your home can (and will!) be, it’s the perfect time for you to choose a project that you really want to get done this month.

I’m totally cheating. Since I already have my main year-long goal of “organization” I’m just going to use my projects for January – my closet and the master bathroom. :)

Easiest Cure assignment this year!

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