2017 January Cure: Assignment 5

Buy Flowers. / Vacuum the Rugs and Clean ALL the Floors.

(Most importantly, though, I want you to hear this: right now, commit to staying with your Cure, no matter what you get done this weekend.)

From one end of your home to the other, it’s time to sweep, mop and vacuum. Move things out of the way as you go so you can do a thorough job. This will take a while but trust me, it will make a huge difference in how clean your home feels and actually IS. Turn on some music, set your mind to it and see how quickly you can get it done!

You know…I have no idea where our mop is. Mr. T and I have discussed it a few times in the past couple weeks, because I’ve really been wanting to mop the kitchen. And I’m not entirely sure I’ve mopped the living room pretty much since ever. But we have no idea what happened to our Swiffer. I should probably just buy a new one. God knows where the old one ended up or if I’ll ever be able to find it. I just vacuumed the stairs and landing yesterday, so I’m going to call them clean enough. The guest bedroom is full of my clothes, so it ain’t getting swept… Mr. T is in charge of the bonus room, I’m not touching it. And the bedroom is a straight disaster. That ain’t happening. So all I have to worry about is the kitchen, living room & hallway, and the nursery. I CAN DO THIS. Right after I take down all the Christmas decorations… lol! I’ll report back in later!

(time passes)

So I took down the Christmas decorations! And I rearranged the kitchen somewhat. No, I didn’t take any pictures. I did sweep and mop the kitchen, and I at least swept the living room and hallway. Didn’t get anything done in the nursery. We had to go to a going-away party 1.5 hours away and that took up a huge chunk of Saturday. Apparently LBW has decided to go ahead and cut ALL THE TEETH IN HIS HEAD AT ONCE. On top of getting a cold. So that took up most of Sunday. I was able to sweep/mop the kitchen while he napped, though. So I’m gonna pat myself on the back.

Oh, and my plant!

2017 January Cure: Assignment 5 | The Wilson Buzz

I didn’t think to take a picture of its little instruction card that said what kind of plant this is…I just picked one from the grocery store that didn’t require a lot of sunlight, and I think it can be planted! So hopefully in the spring we’ll put it in the front or maybe back yard. If it survives that long…it’s really quite pretty. I haven’t had a ton of luck with Cure plants… I’m not sure how many I’ve bought over the years, but only two are still alive. The hanging basket, which I think is the first one I ever bought, and the peace lily, which is basically impossible to kill. I thought about getting another one of those, but variety is the spice of life.

If this one dies, I’m sticking to peace lilies, though.

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4 thoughts on “2017 January Cure: Assignment 5

  1. Can’t help laughing at your description of LBW cutting his teeth. My daughter has twin boys (fraternal twins) now 19 months old who have been cutting teeth for months and causing no end of lack of sleep and frustration for their mother. So if LBW does cut a large number of teeth at the same time be glad to get that much over with relatively quickly.

    • He had 2 on his bottom, then took like a month to cut 2 up top. Suddenly there are now 6 total, 3 on top, 3 on bottom, and possibly 2-3 more coming in. It’s been a rough couple of days!

      You know, I never thought about that with twins… I used to think I wanted twins, and now I’ve definitely changed my mind. lol!

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