2017 January Cure: Assignment 3

Purge Your Pantry

  • Move your trash can or a garbage bag to where you’ll be working. A bag or box for potential food donations is excellent to have on hand here as well. A notepad and pencil are handy for noting down things you toss that need replacing.
  • Take everything out, one shelf/section at a time. Sort the items as you go, getting rid of anything expired or that you’ve opened but know you are not going to eat. Transfer things that are unopened and still good, but that you don’t think you’ll actually eat, to the donation bag or box.
  • Replace the items on the clean shelf, giving them a quick pass with a clean, slightly damp cloth if they are dusty as you go. Put like things together so you can find them more easily and know at any time just how many cans of garbanzos you have around and when you need to stock up.
  • Repeat the process for each shelf/section and take a moment to celebrate your efforts when you are done – this is a great job to get under your belt the first week of the new year.

I had planned to clean out one shelf a week for the next few weeks – I already did one this weekend!

2017 January Cure: Assignment 3 | The Wilson BuzzIt was exceptionally satisfying. But getting to go through my planner and check off chores I had scheduled for the next few weeks…that was exceptionally satisfying as well. :)


2017 January Cure: Assignment 3 | The Wilson Buzz


2017 January Cure: Assignment 3 | The Wilson BuzzThere really is a pretty significant difference between the two, even if it’s a bit hard to see from the pictures. It feels really good to be working towards a cleaner, more organized house. I’ve got high hopes on finishing The Cure this year!!

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