2017 January Cure: Assignment 11

Invite a Friend (or Ten) In

Invite a friend or two (or ten) to your home on the weekend of February 3 – 5 (or whatever date is best for your schedule near the end of January or start of February). Decide on a guest list and get out the invite(s) now – a call, a text, an email, paper or electronic is fine, just make sure you do the inviting TODAY.

Psh, I have people over all the time, even if my house is rekt. We have people coming over tonight and I have a pile of – CLEAN! – laundry on our ottoman! Maybe Mr. T will do something with that at some point today… Anyway, point is – if you’re my friend you know what to expect when you come to my house. But! I did use this as motivation to do something that I’ve attempted off and on for…years.

2017 January Cure: Assignment 11 | The Wilson BuzzSo far I’ve had two people respond that they wanted to come…one lives in Oregon and one lives in Texas. I have entirely too many online friends. lolol

Oh, well. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I still have friends coming over weekly to hang out regardless of the shape of my home. <3

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