2017 January Cure: Assignment 10

Pick up some fresh flowers. / Clean your kitchen!

If you who feel that the exterior surfaces of your kitchen are already in pretty good shape, choose the “inside” track which will focus more on organization.

For those who feel that their kitchen could use some attention on the “outside” at this point, choose that track and focus more on cleaning.

Um, oops? The cold hit me hard this weekend, y’all. And not temperature cold – it was like 60-70 degrees all weekend, which is stupid for January. But a head cold. I could be dying. Anyway, I didn’t even think about AT or The Cure all weekend. My main focus was on making sure I kept breathing, since I haven’t been able to use my nose at all.

I have been trying to keep our kitchen more under control the past couple weeks – mainly keeping on top of the dirty dishes. I’ve done a decent job, imo. Not perfect, but decent. My daily checklist has stuff on it like “wipe down appliance surfaces” and “clean out microwave” so I’ve been kind of maintaining on that end as well. I’m gonna call it a “good enough” for this. And besides, a full kitchen overhaul is in my “organization” master plan way out in November. I’m sure great things will happen then. Great, great things. ;)

Oh! I did buy a plant, though!

2017 January Cure: Assignment 10 | The Wilson Buzz

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