2015 Selfies, January

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January 1 2015 Selfies, Jan 1 | The Wilson Buzz Mr. T and I totally forgot about the ball dropping and the HAPPY NEW YEAR! kiss…he came over and kissed me around 12:05. When I woke up the next morning I saw all the people that had posted their NYE selfies on FB and was like *womp womp* so I took one while Mr. T was still asleep. This spawned a FB rumor that I had murdered him and was playing an elaborate social media Weekend at Bernie’s sort of prank. One that he had fun with for several days after…
January 2 2015 Selfies, Jan 2 | The Wilson Buzz I bought Mr. T Portal 2 for the PS3 a week or so after Christmas. I actually got on Amazon with the express purpose of buying him Into the Woods (the Broadway version, not the new movie) – which I did buy him! But I was feeling all gifty, so I searched around for another thing I could get him, and finally settled on Portal 2. They don’t have Portal for consoles, which is a darn shame, ’cause I really think you should play that one before you play the second, to really appreciate GLaDOS. But he’s anti-mouse-and-keyboard gameplay and I’m too lazy to figure out how to get a PS3 controller to work with our PC.
January 3 2015 Selfies, Jan 3 | The Wilson Buzz Here is Mr. T fueling the Weekend at Bernie’s rumors. We were going to Lowe’s to price-check some supplies he needed for Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor. Have I mentioned how proud I am of him for opening his own shop?! So proud. And so, so terrified.
January 4 2015 Selfies, Jan 4 | The Wilson Buzz I don’t have much to say about this one… Mr. T was eating chips, and we were in our bathrobes. We’re super classy like that.
January 5 2015 Selfies, Jan 5 | The Wilson Buzz First day back at work (for me), at the start of the loooooong stretch between the end-of-the-year holidays and Memorial Day. I for real have to take a random Friday off somewhere in March just to prevent myself from losing my mind. Anyway, we also started P90X3 up again, and this was right after our first workout.
January 6 2015 Selfies, Jan 6 | The Wilson Buzz Heh – the shirts that were irrelevant before we even got them. They’re from TeeFury and were designed the one day The Interview was banned. Mine says “I wanted to see a dumb movie…but all I got was this lousy t-shirt” and Mr. T’s is “Censored for your protection by our beloved and respected leader. (I for one, welcome our new, benevolent North Korean overlord.)”
January 7 2015 Selfies, Jan 7 | The Wilson Buzz Ugh. This was when the temperature dropped down to way inappropriate temperatures. I was in my Christmas jam jams, I think we were both in robes, AND we each had a blanket (and hat, if you didn’t notice). It actually got pretty snuggly and warm, eventually. I’m glad we only have brief moments of awful winter weather here in Tennessee.
January 8 2015 Selfies, Jan 8 | The Wilson Buzz Mr. T was out late working to get Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor ready, so he took a selfie of me while I was sleeping. I’m soooo glad I’m not all crazed with drool coming out of my mouth!
January 9 2015 Selfies, Jan 9 | The Wilson Buzz Why. So. SERIOUS? I think we were playing Portal 2 co-op when I took this one. No clue why we went the dramatic route. It’s hard to not end up with the same picture 365 times when you’re trying to take a selfie every day. (Oh, did you not realize that’s what was happening? So naive…) And we aren’t even 10 days in yet!!
January 10 2015 Selfies, Jan 10 | The Wilson Buzz We *almost* forgot to take a picture on this day. I managed to snap one right before we went to bed. As you can tell, we were le tired. F*cking kangaroos… Nothing more to report here. It kind of looks like I’m about to throw up.
January 11 2015 Selfies, Jan 11 | The Wilson Buzz Here we are, at church, making coffee. I went with a b/w photo here to give us a touch of class. Oh, we so classy.
January 12 2015 Selfies, Jan 12 | The Wilson Buzz When I got to work on Jan 13 I was in a panic because I realized we had forgotten to take a picture on the 12th! Thankfully I had accidentally taken two pictures on the 11th so as long as I don’t tell anyone, no one will know we missed a day! Hooray! Wait, what?
January 13 2015 Selfies, Jan 13 | The Wilson Buzz We took this picture on the 16th, when we realized we’d missed our January 13 selfie.
January 14 2015 Selfies, Jan 14 | The Wilson Buzz I was about to pass out on the couch, and Mr. T was watching 22 Jump Street. (Great movie, btw.) I was like “OH CRAP – SELFIE!” so we took this one, and then I passed out. We live such thrilling lives…
January 15 2015 Selfies, Jan 15 | The Wilson Buzz We also took THIS picture on the 16th, when we realized we’d forgotten to take the January 15 selfie!!
January 16 2015 Selfies, Jan 16 | The Wilson Buzz Aaaaaand here we are on the 16th, all caught up! Mr. T kept posing our giraffe pillow behind his head, even though I kept telling him it would get cropped out in Instagram. Mr. T had taken a nap on the couch while I desperately
January 17 2015 Selfies, Jan 17 | The Wilson Buzz We almost immediately fell off the bandwagon again. Things were crazy hectic leading up to the opening of Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor (my baby’s a small business owner now!) so Mr. T was working late nights and crashing hard when he got home. I technically took this the morning of the 18th. #technicality
January 18 2015 Selfies, Jan 18 | The Wilson Buzz Mr. T took a much-needed day off from Two-Tone and we went to The Pottery Place!! <3
January 19 Okay, so the 19th and 20th were crazy hectic, and instead of taking more “catch-up” pictures, I’m just gonna say “We didn’t have time, okay?”
January 20 We didn’t have time, okay? Mr. T worked until 3:00 or 4:00 every night/morning getting Two-Tone ready, so we barely saw each other. I’m so glad we’re over that hump!!
January 21 2015 Selfies, Jan 21 | The Wilson Buzz This was the last looooong night of working to get the shop ready! I went and tried to help until around 11:00, and finally admitted I was just slowing everything down. :) I’m so proud of my husband!!!
January 22 2015 Selfies, Jan 22 | The Wilson Buzz Two-Tone Tattoo Parlor is OFFICIALLY OPEN!!! We took this picture right before I got this tattoo. 8} I named him Tommy Two-Tone and he’s awesome.
January 23 2015 Selfies, Jan 23 | The Wilson Buzz The days and pictures totally aren’t lining up anymore. >.< I took this on Sunday, even though I have it put on a Friday. Things happen, okay?! I keep forgetting to take pictures! This is a post of lies!!! But we took this at Chili’s, right before we went on our Sunday date to The Pottery Place. I <3 The Pottery Place…so, so hard.
January 24 2015 Selfies, Jan 24 | The Wilson Buzz Took this picture on a Monday, when Mr. T woke up the same time I did! But I have it here on a Saturday because I forgot to take a picture on Saturday!! I’m a liar!! Santa isn’t real, no matter what I’ve told you, kids!!
January 25 2015 Selfies, Jan 25 | The Wilson Buzz French. Toast. Crunch. God bless you, General Mills, for bringing back this hero from the 90s. *dance party*
January 26 2015 Selfies, Jan 26 | The Wilson Buzz Took this bad boy right before we passed out on the couch. I’ve declared no pets in the bedroom, which is probably going to mean a lot of guilt sleeping in the couch in order to let the dogs spend more time out of their crates.
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January 29
January 30
January 31

Okay, let’s not talk about the last few days of the month… It’s now February and I’m gonna strive to do better!!

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