2015 Book Photo Challenge: Jan 2

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Jan 2, 2015 | The Wilson BuzzThese are all the books I got for Christmas.

  • Something in the Woods
    • My sister got this for me. It’s signed! AND I got a little figurine of Larry and Pickles, two characters from the story. Also signed. 8}
  • The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances
    • I got this during Dirty Santa at our Thanxmas extravaganza. SIGNED. I’m not a runner, but I do love me The Oatmeal, so I’ll take it.
  • Fiery Gizzard: Voices from the Wilderness
    • This was written by a friend of my mother, and my parents and their cabins are actually mentioned in it! I’m going to use it for my 2015 Reading Challenge as the book that is set in my hometown. BOOYEAH.
  • Wrangler in Petticoats
    • My mom bought me this one. I haven’t read the back of it, but it’s a Christian romance. My bread and butter in high school. ;) Last year she got me a Karen Kingsbury book. If you don’t know who that is, she the Nicolas Sparks of the Christan realm. EVERY book is a tear-jerker. nothankyou But! This one I get to count toward my 2015 challenge as well – a book your mom loves. DOUBLE BOOYEAH.

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