2015 Book Photo Challenge: Jan 14

book otp

Jan 14, 2015 | The Wilson BuzzI had no clue what “otp” was (and every time I type it I type “top” first). I looked it up and it means one-true pairing, but they were referencing fan fiction and I do not read fan fiction. It smelled like a tumblr thing, which I have tried and donotunderstand. I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m getting old and curmudgeony and frankly don’t care anymore if I’m not “hip with the cool kids”. So I posted this picture of Hawkeye in Hello Kitty armor that I had downloaded off of imgur a few weeks ago, in case I ever needed it. Spoiler: Everyone needs it, all the time.

Update: I do have an “otp” (maybe…still not sure I’m understanding it fully, but whatever): Peeta & Katniss

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