2015 Book Photo Challenge: Jan 10

favorite genre

Jan 10, 2015 | The Wilson BuzzI was a bit lazy with this one. The chick that runs the photo challenge encourages us to take pictures of books we own for each challenge, but… Our book collection is out of control. Which is why I desperately want to start on our book nook makeover. One day… Also, I wish Goodreads would have better reporting functionality for their users. It would be great to see what genre I’ve read the most/rated the highest, you know? And if they do have that, it isn’t something easily found on their site. Anyway, I went with “romance” because no matter what genre I read, I do enjoy a bit of romance in my books. Yes, I’m one of those people. The ones that make ladies cry out “WHY does every book have to have romance! Women can be strong, independent ladies that don’t need no man! blah blah blah” I like romance. #dealwithit

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