2014 Resolutions | 30 Before 30 Check-In

I have but two resolutions for this coming year – only two!

  1. Start journaling again.
  2. Don’t miss a sermon.

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And now, for my bi-annual “30 Before 30” check-in:

  1. Have a kid. We’ve still got a couple years before I’m going to worry about this one.
  2. Home remodel. We got the half-bath mostly completed and have started on the bedroom. Ah, but I guess I didn’t count the half-bath as one of my items in the original list. Oh, well. As long as we get the bedroom complete before July I think we’ll still be on track. ;)
  3. Cooking. I still fluctuate pretty badly on if I cook or not. I’ll go a week or two where I’m cooking pretty regularly, and then it’s back to ramen and freezer pizzas for a month. So…work in progress.
  4. Exercise. Yesssss… This is something I need to do. I’ve been meaning to find a Pilates video. Once we get the bedroom painted, I’m sure I’ll want to spend more time in there, and will therefore Pilates my heart out!
  5. Need a passport. Still hasn’t happened.
  6. Be not poor. We were on track, until the car incident. So now we have to pay off Mr. T’s loan AND pay back Mama N for helping us buy a new (to us) car. And make sure we have enough in our car savings that we can afford to buy our own car if (when) this happens again. Bah!
  7. Fuel-Efficient. Well I still don’t have a ForTwo, but the Nissan Versa does get better gas mileage than my PT Cruiser did, so hooray! I kind of accidentally accomplished this one!! lol
  8. Own a camper. Oh, yesssss…this would be nice! I forgot about this dream. Consider it renewed!
  9. Crafts. I’ve done decently with this. I would like to do more. One of the things Mr. T bought me for Christmas was The Big-Ass Book of Crafts. He’s already picked out a few things for me to do. I can’t wait to flip through it and do some more!
  10. The OfficeOh, I forgot about this one, too. I need to get on that! I’m almost done with Malcolm in the Middle (on the last season!) so I guess I’ll make sure to start The Office next.
  11. Learn how to use WordPress. Eh, still need to do this. I’ve learned to accept its fickleness. And I did figure out how to embed from Pinterest!
  12. Celebrity guest blogger. Still working on getting Mr. T to post. :-\
  13. Read. I’ve read 91 books so far this year. I have 2.5 days to read 9 books. >.< I don’t think it’s going to happen. BUT YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!
  14. Tattoos. I got plans for my sleeve. My garter is half updated… Right now it’s got this kind of cool “Mr. T as an apprentice vs. Mr. T with 3 years’ experience” going on, but I don’t want to be walking around with that in the summer. So new goal to have that one finished by summer. My giraffe also needs some TLC. And the elusive sleeve…maybe get started on that one.
  15. Two-Tone. For the gallery, we’re hoping to open an online store soon, and start an Indigogo campaign to raise money. It will also hopefully be a good way to let people know we exist. 8} Big dreams for 2014!
  16. Climb Everest Bike 30 miles. Yeah, about that…
  17. Something vaguely work-related. Well I’m still employed, so go me! Haven’t gotten a raise since I first wrote this, but I did get a Christmas bonus, so that’s cool. I don’t feel as if they plan on firing me soon, so let’s go ahead and check this one as a win.
  18. Drive cross-country. Oh this would be fun. First we need to achieve #8. I guess we could rent a car… Still not sure WHEN we would do it, though. No way we can do it in 2014. 2015 is when we’re supposed to go to Costa Rica and accomplish #5. #1 should be happening in 2016… So maybe 2017? LOL So far away… When do I turn 30? 2019? No, 2018. 1988 + 30 = 2018. Okay, yeah – I think 2017. After baby #1 and before baby #2. PERFECT!
  19. Have sex every day for a year. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to try to do that this year.
  20. NO MORE ROOMMATES. I was wondering if this was on here… Perfect timing, too – MR just came home. I cringe inside any time I see either roommate. I’m done done done with this. Please, oh please, oh please let FR move out soon… Please.
  21. Steampunk photo shoot. Bleeeeeeeehhh… I was just telling Sookie about this at work last week. First I need to get better about #4 (exercise) and then we’ll see. Should probably do it before babies, too. Bah!
  22. Go green-er. Eh, we recycle. I make homemade stuff. We’ll get better as time progresses, I’m sure.
  23. Pictures. Didn’t get a camera for Christmas this year, but maybe for my birthday? ;) But, yeah – still really want to be better about taking pictures. Be all “Look at how awesome life was before you came along, kids!!”
  24. Friends. I’m working on it, get off my back.
  25. Hair. I have started going to a legit salon, instead of Paul Mitchell: The School, so there’s that. Woot, woot – go me! I still am no good at styling my hair, but at least I have a decent cut.
  26. Music. I got to see Ben Folds at the Ryman! So that was super cool. I…don’t think….we’ve done anything else? We have hosted local bands at the gallery for silent auctions, and that’s always fun. And we do plan on going back to Bonnaroo this coming year. They actually have already had one pre-sale, but that was right when my car fell apart, so we weren’t able to buy any.
  27. Art. Working on it!
  28. Crazy hi-jinks. Hm, have I done anything crazy lately? I don’t think so. I’ll try to be better!
  29. 15 minutes of fame. Heh. Still waiting, World!
  30. Become the true me. Yeah, yeah – working on it. 8P

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