100 Days of Pictures: Day 27

Me & a Family Member

This is so embarrassing you guys. I had pictures of me, I had pictures of family members, I had pictures of me and friends…mahalo

I had to go all the way back to LAST DECEMBER to get this picture of me with my niece Mahalo (not her real name, obv). I was babysitting her and we were playing with my front-facing camera on my phone. >.< She’s a stinker, for sure. I need to hang out with my sister’s kids!!

2 thoughts on “100 Days of Pictures: Day 27

    • Shame on us! In 20 years we’re going to wish we still looked the way we do now. It’s time to stop hiding from cameras! I’m for real going to get one for Christmas, and I’m going to take all the pictures. NO MORE HIDING!!!

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